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Speyside Launches ‘Inside Iran’ Counselling

Speyside Launches ‘Inside Iran’ Counselling

speyside logo 838x500px square Speyside, global emerging markets corporate affairs and public policy consultancy, has launched a dedicated reporting and counselling service that will help companies assess risks and opportunities within Iran.

The Inside Iran support will be provided by a combination of Tehran-based consultants experienced in a range of strategic sectors, and Speyside’s core emerging markets international team. It will provide clients and partners with first-hand, contextualized insight into how potential Western investors and market entrants are viewed by the local commercial, bureaucratic, regulatory and political communities on the ground in Tehran.

Chris Dobson, President of Speyside, said:

“The recent easing of nuclear sanctions against Iran has seen a spike in corporate interest towards by far the largest economy to return to the global trading community in decades. This of course culminated in President Rouhani’s trip to Europe in late January. In a blur of media coverage and open-armed welcomes, some major trade deals were signed and many others discussed.

“Media, diplomats and investors, however, remain cautious and rightly so. If the rapprochement is to be sustained, many more complex obstacles must be overcome. The forthcoming Iranian local parliamentary elections will be an interesting indicator of how sustainable recent engagement might be. But whatever the outcome, potential investors need insight beyond the media headlines. With its vast, highly-educated and mostly urbanite population, Iran offers enormous commercial potential as it looks to re-connect with the global community.

“We are committed to providing our clients with clear and concise insight from the emerging markets of the world. The complexity around Iran is of course immense, which is why the inclusion of our internationally-educated but locally-immersed Iranian consultants based in Tehran has been essential. This insight can help our clients and partners assess potential future opportunities in a much more informed and nuanced manner.”

To discuss a potential requirement for support and learn more about our business, please contact:

Chris Dobson
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