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Speyside CEO interview with Brasil Econômico

Ian Herbison, CEO of Speyside – a company dedicated to helping foreign investors understand the Brazilian legal and legislative framework – believes the country still offers opportunity In S?o Paulo in 2009, Speyside, a government relations consultancy, saw the opportunity to explore a country which was, at that time, very […]

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5 dicas de comunicaç?o para gringos

Brazil isn?t for beginners: 5 communication tips for gringos

I arrived in Brazil three years ago after a career in communications in the UK and France, to manage the Brazilian office of Speyside, a consultancy specialized in advising multinationals on their communication strategies in emerging markets. This was at a time when Brazil had become an Eldorado for international […]

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Casa Nari?o, Colombia

Santos slips in Colombia’s first round

It?s no surprise that Colombia?s presidential elections are headed for a second round. What has stunned observers, however, is Oscar Iván Zuluaga?s impressive performance (30% of the vote), defeating President Juan Manuel Santos (25%), and three other candidates in the first round of elections. The election?s record low turnout (only […]

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Bachelet tax reform in Chile

Bachelet’s tax reform bill submitted to Congress

President Michelle Bachelet submitted a significant tax reform bill to Congress on 31 March 2014. The bill’s primary aim is to increase tax revenues in order to finance public education. The bill also intends to simplify the tax regime and correct perceived deficiencies in existing tax rules. The bill would […]

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marcocivil photo

What’s next for Brazilian politics?

Many were relieved by the events in Congress on March 25th: after seemingly endless delays, Brazil’s controversial “Internet Constitution” was finally adopted, meaning that the House of Representatives is now free to move on and discuss other policies – something it had been unable to do since the end of […]

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