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Ian Herbison


VP of Brazil chosen as leader of political coordination: will this provide relief or is the government headed over the cliff?

Brazil?s President Dilma Rousseff recently appointed Michel Temer, her Vice President, as the person responsible for political coordination within the government. Amid the political crisis which threatens to paralyze Congress, Rousseff?s appointment seems to be a risky strategy. On one hand, Temer is well-respected within the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party […]

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Water Scarcity in Latin America

Latin America is world renowned for some of its majestic landscapes, rich biodiversity, and plenty of natural resources. The region is also quite rightly known for its abundance of water (over 30% of the planet?s freshwater). Local governments have recognized the importance that water can have in creating conditions for […]

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ILO 169 in Chile: Participation or over litigation?

The signing of ILO Convention 169 was not simply a signature on paper or a “salute to the flag,” as they say in Chile, referring to purely symbolic acts. After Chile signed the Convention on indigenous consultations in 2008, native communities in the country took the rights guaranteed by the […]

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casa rosada

2015 Elections in Argentina – Likely outcome and policy impact

Before the New Year, the 2015 presidential election in Argentina was already being classified as the most important in a decade and was expected to be controversial, hotly contested and potentially volatile. However, the suspicious death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman on January 18th, 2015 has catapulted this election into a […]

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Our Predictions for Latin America in 2015

Now in its third year, our regional experts? candid predictions for the coming year have become something of a tradition. And far be it from us to blow our own trumpet, but 2014 saw us proven right on all seven of last year?s predictions! But don?t ask us for any […]

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El legado que deja la Copa Mundial a Brasil

The Legacy Effects of the World Cup in Brazil

From the time Brazil won its bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2007 to the tournament?s opening match today, the country experienced several drastic changes. When Brazil won its bid, the country was in the midst of an unprecedented economic boom and the privilege of hosting the world?s […]

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The Theory & Reality of Mexican Healthcare Reform

A draft Healthcare Reform Bill is expected to be introduced to Congress at the start of the next legislative session in September 2014. Statements by President Enrique Pe?a Nieto suggest this draft Bill will set out a blueprint for transformational reform, with a Universal Social Security System funded from general […]

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Vladimir Putin_v2

Is the conflict in Ukraine driven by Putin or the West?

As the situation in the Ukraine continues to spiral out of control and Russia appears poised to annex additional Russian-majority regions in the east of the country, the international media has by and large laid blame for the conflict at Putin?s doorstep. Buzzwords such as ?naked aggression?, ?imperialist designs?, ?empire-building? […]

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Bachelet 2.0 Valparaiso Chile

Bachelet 2.0 in Chile

Last week, Chile swore in a new government, marking a shift from the centre-right government of Sebastián Pi?era to the left-wing Michelle Bachelet, who will serve her second term as President, having preceded Pi?era from 2006 to 2010. Over the last few months, international media have focused on the social […]

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Our Predictions for Latin America 2014

Our Predictions for Latin America in 2014

This time last year, Speyside?s senior consultants huddled together, across borders and time zones, to compile a list of 13 predictions for Latin America in 2013. As always with such exercises, there is a fair amount of risk involved in making projections for the future. Some of our predictions did […]

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