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Argentina’s bright spot

The unanimous decision made by Argentina Supreme Court’s on August 18th to block the government’s increase on natural gas and electrical bills and cap price increases at up to 400% for households and 500% for companies may have been celebrated by the end consumer, but has acted a major political […]

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Zambia’s elections: The aftermath

By Archimedes Muzenda Zambia’s 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections ended in a tight race with the incumbent president declared the winner of the elections. President Edgar Lungu of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party secured 50.35% of the vote against Hakainde Hichilema of the opposition United Party for National Development […]

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Spotlight on Zambia..

By Archimedes Muzenda Ahead of its Presidential and National Assembly elections on the 11th of August, we take a close look at Zambia, one of sub-Saharan Africa’s most urbanized yet commodity-reliant countries. This is Zambia’s first election since new constitutional ratifications early this year and is destined to be its […]

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Lima, Peru: Government Palace , Residence of the President ,known as House of Pizarro in the Historic Centre of Lima, Unesco World Heritage Site,

Presidential elections in Peru: What awaits PPK?

By Carolina Santos – Consultant, Peru Until a week ago, the most respected local pollsters showed Keiko Fujimori – the leader of the Fuerza Popular Party and daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori, now in prison for corruption and crimes against humanity – as being the winner in the second […]

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Brazil Cover

Like a Candle in the Wind? The Brazilian Oil and Gas Sector

Executive summary This Insight think piece is dated 25th May, and written after the Brazilian Senate had suspended President Dilma Rousseff (who currently remains in office but without power). At the time of writing, Vice President Temer has assumed power as Acting President and has formed a government that is […]

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Argentina and its crucial months ahead

The 22nd of April marked the first full day of trading of Argentina’s mammoth $16.5bn bond issue, the largest ever by an emerging markets nation, and signalled the country’s emergence from the shadows into euphoric interest from foreign investors, who oversubscribed the issue by 5 times. President Macri had moved […]

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Brazil Healthcare

Brazilian Healthcare: Opportunities for foreign investors

Executive summary Brazil has the fifth largest population on Earth with 206 million people1 and the seventh largest GDP with USD 2 trillion.2 In spite of the current economic crisis, it still figures as a regional power and is definitely a player which cannot be ignored in the global healthcare […]

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“Brazil’s Black Wednesday”

After at least a week of negotiations, former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (‘Lula’) accepted yesterday morning president Dilma Rousseff’s invitation to join the government as a minister. This morning, Lula took office as Chief Cabinet (Casa Civil) minister, the most important ministry in the Brazilian Executive: the […]

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Set of Iran flags in Front of Tehran Skyline and one large flag in the background at sunset with orange warm tone.

Iran: Land of Immense Current Opportunity

By Micheal Wyatt – Senior Consultant Iran is a dominant power broker in the Middle East, vying with Saudi Arabia and Turkey for influence across the Middle East. Despite its reputation, it is a reasonably stable country and enjoys friendly relations with its immediate neighbors, although not of course with […]

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San Jose, Costa Rica - January 18, 2015: Night scene of the square in front of the National Theatre of Costa Rica in San Jose at twilight time.

Costa Rica’s Municipal Elections: What You Need to Know

(Taken from the Diplomatic Courier: link) As Costa Rica approaches its upcoming round of municipal elections this Sunday, it is easy to overlook them in favour of more pressing or glamorous world events, such as the primary elections for the November US presidential election, and the debilitating spread of the […]

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shutterstock_105329711 MxSenate

Mexico´s Investment Climate: The Least of Emerging Troubles

From the vantage point of the developed world, Mexico is often seen as a Wild Wild West with beautiful beaches. Most people miss the burgeoning and diversified economy that it has become, attractive to foreign investment, with increased FDI and low inflation rates. Mexico now hosts a large number of […]

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Speyside’s Predictions for Latin America in 2016

In what has proved to be a challenging 2015 for Latin America and emerging markets, resulting in an increase in political and economic instability, Speyside’s senior team have gathered round and put their minds to the test for the fourth edition of our annual predictions and what should be expected […]

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