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How TPP changes Latin America

    While the member state domestic political wrangling is to come, most notably in the US Congress, 2015 was a year that finally saw twelve Pacific economies reach agreement on a mammoth free-trade deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership (‘TPP’), slated to come into force by 2018.1 These twelve, all […]

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Six things to know about the impeachment in Brazil

1. What happened in the Brazilian Congress this week? The President (Speaker) of the House of Representatives, or Lower House, Eduardo Cunha, moved to accept a request to investigate whether President Dilma’s should be impeached. Congressman Cunha is from PMDB, the largest party in President Dilma’s coalition. However, Cunha also […]

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Reputation Matters: foreign firms facing Petrobras corruption charges

By Stephen Lock 03/12/2015 At a closed conference recently, I was listening to Brazil’s ‘super judge’, Sergio Moro, talk about his extraordinary investigations that have so transfigured the Brazilian political and business environment. Moro who exposed the Lava jato Petrobras corruption scandal, was greeted at this conference like a rock […]

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What do the recent national elections mean for Poland’s economy?

Poland’s main opposition party, Law and Justice (PiS), easily defeated the ruling centrist Civic Platform majority in the country’s parliamentary elections on October 25, 2015. The party’s influential leader, Jarosław Kaczyński, nominated a relatively unknown coalminer’s daughter and PiS loyalist, Beata Szydło, prime minister. PiS’s win marks a comeback for […]

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Argentina Decides

With campaigning having been ramped up in recent days towards this Sunday’s (October 25th) presidential elections, we ask how the leading candidates are positioned as Argentina prepares to go to the polls. The polls, although as reliable as the economic statistics that emanate from the country, have recently indicated that […]

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PEMEX Explosion

On April 1, a processing platform owned and operated by the Mexican state-run oil company PEMEX in the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of Campeche, exploded killing four workers and injuring 45. One week later, some of the injured workers are still in intensive care. Others dived into the […]

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VP of Brazil chosen as leader of political coordination: will this provide relief or is the government headed over the cliff?

Brazil?s President Dilma Rousseff recently appointed Michel Temer, her Vice President, as the person responsible for political coordination within the government. Amid the political crisis which threatens to paralyze Congress, Rousseff?s appointment seems to be a risky strategy. On one hand, Temer is well-respected within the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party […]

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Water Scarcity in Latin America

Latin America is world renowned for some of its majestic landscapes, rich biodiversity, and plenty of natural resources. The region is also quite rightly known for its abundance of water (over 30% of the planet?s freshwater). Local governments have recognized the importance that water can have in creating conditions for […]

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ILO 169 in Chile: Participation or over litigation?

The signing of ILO Convention 169 was not simply a signature on paper or a “salute to the flag,” as they say in Chile, referring to purely symbolic acts. After Chile signed the Convention on indigenous consultations in 2008, native communities in the country took the rights guaranteed by the […]

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casa rosada

2015 Elections in Argentina – Likely outcome and policy impact

Before the New Year, the 2015 presidential election in Argentina was already being classified as the most important in a decade and was expected to be controversial, hotly contested and potentially volatile. However, the suspicious death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman on January 18th, 2015 has catapulted this election into a […]

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Our Predictions for Latin America in 2015

Now in its third year, our regional experts? candid predictions for the coming year have become something of a tradition. And far be it from us to blow our own trumpet, but 2014 saw us proven right on all seven of last year?s predictions! But don?t ask us for any […]

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