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Speyside CEO interview with Brasil Econômico

Ian Herbison, CEO of Speyside – a company dedicated to helping foreign investors understand the Brazilian legal and legislative framework – believes the country still offers opportunity In São Paulo in 2009, Speyside, a government relations consultancy, saw the opportunity to explore a country which was, at that time, very […]

Brazil isn’t for beginners: 5 communication tips for gringos

I arrived in Brazil three years ago after a career in communications in the UK and France, to manage the Brazilian office of Speyside, a consultancy specialized in advising multinationals on their communication strategies in emerging markets. This was at a time when Brazil had become an Eldorado for international […]

Santos slips in Colombia’s first round

It’s no surprise that Colombia’s presidential elections are headed for a second round. What has stunned observers, however, is Oscar Iván Zuluaga’s impressive performance (30% of the vote), defeating President Juan Manuel Santos (25%), and three other candidates in the first round of elections. The election’s record low turnout (only […]


ILO 169 in Chile: Participation or over litigation?

The signing of ILO Convention 169 was not simply a signature on paper or a “salute to the flag,” as they say in Chile, referring to purely symbolic acts. After Chile signed the Convention on indigenous consultations in 2008, native communities in the country took the rights guaranteed by the […]

2015 Elections in Argentina – Likely outcome and policy impact

Before the New Year, the 2015 presidential election in Argentina was already being classified as the most important in a decade and was expected to be controversial, hotly contested and potentially volatile. However, the suspicious death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman on January 18th, 2015 has catapulted this election into a […]

Emerging market challenges for global miners: what’s wrong & how to fix it?

In recent years mining operations across the globe have become increasingly complex, both in terms of location as well as increased political and social risk in countries that were once considered low risk. There are numerous reasons for this shift, but in essence the “easy” places have been mined and […]

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It is rare to find advisors who not only are experts in their field but that truly understand how to apply their knowledge and expertise to real life issues and situations. Speyside´s understanding and sensitivity to local cultures and to our company´s organizational dynamics allowed them to integrate seamlessly into our team and to help us address difficult and urgent corporate responsibility challenges in both Brazil and Chile in an effective and timely manner. Having the Speyside team at my side during my two and a half years as head of Kinross´ mining operations in South America was extremely valuable.

It seems incredible that only a month has passed from the first phone calls to find out about you guys, to the work the team ultimately delivered. The team is totally customer focused, not afraid to challenge, but always delivers. They demonstrated incredible knowledge and great media contacts. We needed lots of flexibility, quick thinking and patience. The team delivered that in spades. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without them.

They are extremely professional, rapid learners and laser-focused on getting results. We were pleased with their ability to quickly assimilate our needs and articulate those to industry stakeholders. They are a valuable resource and a trusted partner for our company

Speyside has become a key partner in our regional business strategy. They have proven time and time again they are an experienced agency with a customer focused approach. They have made a big difference to our business and we look forward to a long term relationship with them.

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